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Harp of Hyperion

Harpist, Husband, Graduate Student, Librarian _and_ Lawyer

The Harpist Hyperion
31 January 1962
The Harpist Hyperion, is, amongst other things, a Harpist (natch), a multi-instrumentalist (keyboards, harp, flute, ocarina, concertina, etc.), a songwriter, an artist (paints, pen and ink, pencils, etc.) and a writer.

He is 46, resides in Orange County California, is married to the lovely and talented Terri, a proprietor of a gothique boutique, and a singer/songwriter in two gothic bands.

He was, until recently, the adoptive parent to a large black cat somewhat inaccurately named "Ma Petite", in equal parts affectionate and arrogant, who had plans for establishing global hegemony -- but only so long as it did not interfere with meals and nap times. In this, she was much like most other cats.

He earns his daily crust creating a long-running performance-art piece known as "The Law Librarian", which role he performs on an almost daily basis, for eight hours at a go, at a local Law School.

He is pursuing a PhD in Religion at Claremont Graduate University and has had pieces published in "Sacred History Magazine" and the journal "Orange County Lawyer". Having studied comparative religions for 20-some years, with a focus on eastern religions and western occult and mystical traditions, he will yammer on about these subjects ad nauseum, given half a chance.

Hyperion abruptly lost his hearing and equilibrium, after a bout of meningitis, in April, of 2007. He has regained some of his hearing, via a chochlear implant. Still, this has provided a number of new challenges, which he continues to address and, whenever possible, surmount.

In what very limited free time he has, he likes to do artwork, play the harp, go to clubs, attend plays in the local theater scene, otherwise generally gad about and spend quality time with his lovely wife.